Cleaning Cards

All YOUR questions answered about my most requested and asked about…cleaning cards!

Before I get into it, I want to make sure to give credit where credit is due: Toni from @abowlfulloflemons. I found her account and saw she had done these cards, but I put my own spin on it and made it SIMPLE. Hers works for her, but I’m minimal and don’t have that much to clean. So I broke it down into simplicity, which is why I think everyone likes it. It’s especially kid friendly.

Here are the questions I got:

  1. What does OAW mean? It means Once A Week. The things NOT starred are things I do in my daily reset (strictly just putting things away–not cleaning!) But, I’m not liking how it looks on my card because it’s actually confusing me–ha! So I’m going to be making new cards.
  2. How did I decide what was worth daily vs weekly cleaning? My daily cleaning are things usually in my reset (picking up toys, loading the dishwasher, wiping crumbs off the counter). The rest, I decided was weekly (dusting, mopping, deep cleaning my sink, etc.) So basically the more time consuming jobs are weekly.
  3. Do I use a card a day? Yes! Thanks to minimalism, I’m able to be very flexible. The least I’ll do is one card. If I’m in the mood, I’ll do two cards. For example, I’ll do my kitchen card and my dining room is the easiest room, so I’ll just move into there and combine the cleaning cards.
  4. Do I do all the ‘once a week’ things in one day? No. I only do the once a week for that specific card. And that’s what’s making me confused. So I’ll be making new cards so I don’t confuse myself–or you!
  5. How often do I deep clean? I consider my cleaning cards deep cleaning. There are some specific things I only clean once a month (under the couch, my vacuum, the car)
  6. How do I pick which card to do for the day? Again, I’m flexible. Sometimes I work in rotation. After I’m done with the card, I’ll put it behind in the back. But, sometimes I’ll notice that a room needs cleaning more than another one. Like my guest room. We have a lot of guests and I’ll clean it right after they leave even if my bedroom card is next.
  7. Do I go by time or until it’s done? I go by till it’s done. Some rooms take more than others like the bathrooms. But, they usually take me about ten minutes, if that. But, my daily resets, I time and that is 20 minutes. So my total cleaning time for the day is about 30 minutes.
  8. How did I decide what to put on them? I literally went room to room and wrote down what I thought needed to be done. For example, the dining room: dust blinds, clear off and wipe down table, wipe down trash can. Since I don’t have much in the room, means I didn’t have much to clean. That’s a benefit of living with only things that I want to take care of.
  9. Is that my main cleaning of the day? Apart from my daily reset, yes!
  10. Where do I keep them? I have a paper file box magnetized on my fridge. I put them there for easy accessibility and to remind me.
  11. Do I rewrite them everyday? No. Not bringing things into my house has allowed me to not have to add things to my list.
  12. What platform do I sell my things on? Mainly Facebook Marketplace and sometimes on Poshmark.
  13. How did I make them? I used notecards and an ultra fine point Sharpie. And once I am sure of everything on the list, I’ll laminate them!
  14. Does my husband and kids help? I do the cleaning during the day and my husband is gone, so no. But, he does help with the nightly reset. And if the cleaning spills into the weekend, then he’ll help. My girls help pick up their toys when cleaning their room. And I like them seeing me clean the house. It teaches them to keep a clean environment too!
  15. Do you clean on the weekends? Sometimes. It depends. I like to get everything cleaned by Friday so that we can enjoy the weekend relaxing. But if we have company coming, I’ll take the time to do something extra.

Whew! I think that’s it. I had so much more, but I combined them to make the most impactful post. I love answering questions so if I didn’t answer your question, message me!


Morgan xx


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