Flores Reunion

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This past week was the annual Flores Family reunion up in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. It’s always so fun to go and get away from “the world” and the heat. Especially when we left Tucson, the high was a whopping 115 degrees! Ouch.

It takes about 5 hours to get up there but Scarlett is potty trained now. We got to know the side of the highway pretty well. Once we got up the mountain, the temperature dropped to 65 degrees and overcast. That’s my kind of weather!

Scarlett got to meet all her primas y primos and her tios y tias. We’re trying to get her to pick up on Spanish and that’s basically all they speak up there so I loved that she was immersed in the language.

The food is downright delicious. Each family group is assigned a meal for the week and it never fails to disappoint my taste buds. We had Zuppa Toscana, Abuelita’s homemade hot chocolate, Taco Salad, mi suegro’s famous Biscuits and Gravy and a lot of chocolate that we stock pile in the pantry.

The campsite is so good to us with its kickball field, volleyball court, zipline, and picnic benches under a patio to cheer on a game of Washer’s. You can find everyone coming together to play. My favorite is after dinner and we get a big group together to play a board game. You haven’t seen competitiveness until you play with the Flores family.

I think the greatest thing I love though is watching my husband interact with his family. There isn’t really anything better than watching someone you love spend time with the people they love. Since I’m 34 weeks pregnant, I didn’t get to participate in most of the activities so I was really just an onlooker. It was so fun to watch Dante speak Spanish and joke around with the people he gets to see once a year.

I’m not a camper. I don’t like getting dirty and sharing a bathroom with 50 other people, but I make the effort because my husband loves it and that’s what makes a marriage survive, right? Compromise and sacrifice.

Marrying into the Flores family, I’ve learned one thing: there’s nothing more important than family ties. Family is everything and you only get one. I’m so blessed I got to marry into a family that upholds this tradition and values one another.

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