Writer’s Retreat


This past week I was able to go on my annual writer’s retreat with the association I belong to.

We spent five full days in the mountains writing, editing, eating chocolate, avoiding home responsibilities and basking in camaraderie. We were so lucky to have stayed at Stone Haven Lodge which is priced at $1 million dollars! Insane!

We also got to meet James Owen, an author and illustrator who turned an old church into his writing studio. He doesn’t let people come and tour the place, but he opened it up for just us ladies. His studio was like a dream come true with first editions of books, artwork dating back to the Titanic, and collectibles that are worth their weight in gold (Star Wars memorabilia from the set themselves). He also just had a movie producer approach him to make some of his books into movies. He also knows Stephanie Meyer and is on a first name basis with her. It’s cool, whatever. We’re now friends on Facebook so you can say I’m friends with a famous person…

I was able to successfully write more than 10,000 words and start working on the bones of my second book. I’m hoping to have that bad boy out by the beginning of next year. It will be the second book that picks up where my first one left off. I’m so excited to have started working on it and I’m looking forward to fleshing it out and being even better than the first.

I’m looking forward to going next year and the tears were happy when we left because I will be seeing these awesome ladies again in September when we meet for our blowout conference in Phoenix.


Morgan xx

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