Quitting My Day Job

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I quit my job.

And it’s not because I’m 30 weeks pregnant in the middle of summer.

It’s because I’m finally taking this writing thing seriously. And guess what? It can be a full time job. There’s a stigma that writing is just a hobby and it doesn’t bring in cash.

This is where I want to tell people they’re wrong! Between writing the actual book, editing, formatting for publishing, designing a cover, and keeping up with all the countless ways to market–you can easily clock in 40 hours a week (if not more).

And you can make money. My book has been out for roughly a week and I’ve made double what I thought I would by this time. And I’ve only sold to friends and family. Who knows what I’ll be making when strangers decide to buy it.

We have a guest bedroom where I converted half of the room into my office. I bought a desk calendar, a whiteboard the size of a Cadillac, fancy pens, artwork that gives me inspiration and a chair that molds to my spine. My dad even built custom bookshelves for my unhealthy addiction (books, not drugs). If that’s not being serious about a job, I don’t know what is.

I consider myself really lucky to have a skill I’m good at that can allow me to be at home with my daughter and my soon-to-be newborn. I’m probably not going to be writing as much as I’d like, but I at least have something to market. And I’ve heard from countless people that it’s possible to write while wrangling children. I just have to decide how committed I want to be.

And isn’t that that beauty of any job from home?

I’m so excited to market this new baby of mine (the book, not my actual baby) and write the ones I have that are currently on backlog.

-Morgan xx


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2 thoughts on “Quitting My Day Job

  1. Good for you. I will soon be able to say I not only know a famous author, but I’m related to her. I need to kick myself into getting going. I am hoping to get my sixth book on Create Space today, but none of them are published right now. You will be my inspiration.


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